What's Thermupod
How does Thermupod work

What's Thermupod

Thermupod® is a product with which the heat storage capacity of a heat buffer can be increased significantly. By using the fact that Thermusol can store up to 6 times more heat than water at a low delta T, Salca has developed a product which uses this possibility as efficiently as possible.

Important factor in the development of Thermupod was to have an optimal heat transfer. Both the packaging and the thickness of the product had to be selected carefully. As water is used as the transport medium for the heat, we needed to have as much contactspace as possible beween the water and the product. We have chosen the form of a coffee pod for this, and have used this in the design of our Thermupod.


K-Block wins Innovation Price

With K-Block, Salca has won the Innovation Price of the Dutch Green Buil