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What's K-Block

K-Block is the alternative product for cooling existing spaces like classrooms, meetingrooms, offices, theatres, etc. in a passive and environmental friendly way.
K-Block consists of two layers of fire-retarding nonwoven material with a dimension of 210 x 50 cm. The layers have been stitched at equal distances, providing pockets that are filled with Thermusol. K-Block temporarily absorbs the surplus of heat in a room and releases this heat after a specific drop in temperature. K-Block can easily be layed down on top of a new or existing lowered ceiling, attached against the roofing-material or hanged in the hollow wall. K-Block which weighs 4,5 kg can absorb the same amount of heat as 120 kg of concrete!! 

Because of our modern way of building and improved methods of isolation, the need for cooling in existing buildings has increased dramatically. The airconditoner is a very popular way for cooling, but it consumes a huge amount of energy. By the smart and efficient use of Phase Change Material this type of cooling can also be achieved without he need for these amounts of energy. K-Block has been developed by Salca with al this in mind.

K-Block wins Innovation Price

With K-Block, Salca has won the Innovation Price of the Dutch Green Buil