End Products


Thermusol® is the productname of the PCM (Phase Change Material) based on salthydrates produced by Salca. Salca  has a production capacity of 100 tons per annum.

The most common types of Thermusol that are produced by Salca are:

Thermusol HD26, with a melting point of 26°C, which can be used for cooling in the build environment

Thermusol HD32, with a melting point of 32°C

Thermusol HD60, with a melting point of 60°C, which can be used for enlarging the capacity of heat buffers

Salca is able to produce different types of Thermusol with melting temperature between 5°C and 90°C. Please contact us for more information.

K-Block wins Innovation Price

With K-Block, Salca has won the Innovation Price of the Dutch Green Buil